Hobbies and How Work Gets in the Way of Fun

I must have at least 15 hobbies by now. I’m 37 so I’ve had a bit over a third of my expected lifespan to carefully cultivate the things I do today to waste time. 15 seems like a lot, but I’ve probably tried at least 3x more than that. Actually, I don’t really know how many hobbies I have… one second, I’m going to make a list to see. Brb.

Okay, I was close. I came up with 12. Still, that’s a lot of dedication to things that are meant to make us happy, right? Though, I often find that I’m lacking in actual time to engage in enjoying my chosen hobbies. I could blame being busy with the kids (but we know that’s a lie, they are both nearly adults now and no longer need mom or something like that), or I could blame my embarrassing lack of time management skills. Yeah, no, I think everyone can agree that the reason we don’t have enough time to have fun doing fun things, is simply because we’re constantly working! Working for someone else! How unfair is it to live in a world of so many interesting and amazing things to do, but we are allowed a horrible lack of time to do them in?

I am not even sure where I was going with this. The point is, today I’m feeling annoyed that I cannot sit at home on the couch, with MASH on the tv, while I plug away on my laptop in preparation for recording my first podcase episode. It just seems unfair. Yes, I need to be paid, and yes I’m writing this blog post while I’m at work (I have down time), but yes, I’m still salty about it.

Anyways back to hobbies. I’ve tried a lot of hobbies to find the ones that really snagged my attention. I dabble in many things from D&D (I’m a great world-building DM, let’s play sometime) to reading to collecting books (totally separate hobbies) to blogging about old movies (I’m talking pre-1980s movies). But I freaking love trying new things… can that be a hobby in itself? I want to find more hobbies! I want to make dice and earrings. I want to learn how to kayak (I’m terrified of deep water). I want to engage in cosplay and larping. I want to learn photography. Maybe I’m a forever learner, always seeking out new things to do. Once I find more time, I’m going to pick up another one. What will it be?

What hobbies do you enjoy? I’ll blog about my different hobbies, I’m sure, but I’d love to hear what kind of things you find interesting, too.

Find what I rant about interesting? Want to get more?

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