The Story of Roger

Roger is our cat. He wears a tuxedo. He loves Churu’s and playing with fan toy. He talks a lot and once jumped on top of our tallest bookshelf.

We’ve had Roger for 11 years. He just showed up at our house one day and never left. Actually my husband brought him inside after a few weeks of hanging out by our door (he was feeding him). Roger wasn’t exactly a kitten but he was very young, probably only about 6 months old. It started snowing and we couldn’t find him outside so my husband wandered around the neighborhood, meowing loudly, until he found him and brought him in. He was then put in laundry room prison because he wasn’t yet neutered. He’s since been neutered and grown from scrawny street cat into fat housecat and finally down to vet-approved-sized king of the apartment.

What’s a fan toy, you might ask? We found this cat name Billi on Youtube who speaks using speech buttons. She’s pretty cool, Roger also likes watching her videos. Anyways, Billi refers to her toy on a string as “fan toy”. Her owners sometimes tie the toy to the fan and it goes around and Billi gets a kick out of it. We don’t tie Roger’s fan toy to the fan, it’s just a stick with a wire and a mouse at the end, but oh man does he love chasing it. He goes pretty wild for it. For about 2 minutes, then his energy is spent and he plops on the floor for a while. Roger recognizes a few words, like fan toy, just like Billi. It’s pretty cool.

I think Roger would like a kitten of his own someday. He has tried many times to befriend our little brown dog but Thor does not want anything to do with him. It’s kind of sad. We’d get another cat but we’re currently on a 2 pet only lease. The husband has already dictated that we shall always have a cat, and it shall always be a tuxedo cat, and it’s name shall always be Roger (or different variations). As long as we don’t have 10 tuxedo cats named Roger, I think it’ll be okay.

Roger’s favorite things to do around the house are typical cat things. He enjoys being on the desk while you’re working or gaming. He likes cleaning himself in various spots around the house. He likes eating the dog’s food. He particularly enjoys asking for more food, then clawing something when he doesn’t get what he wants. If he sneakily hides in our room at bedtime, he enjoys waking me up by sitting on my chest in the middle of the night and kneading with full claws while he purrs happily. He’s a real hoot.

I don’t know if we’ll ever have a cat as chill as Roger as been, so we’ll cherish the rest of the time we have to spend with him. He’s spoiled and well loved.

What pets do you have? Tell me about them!

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3 responses to “The Story of Roger”

  1. Roger sounds adorable 😻
    I have a cat called Dylan who is 16 and we love him very much. We’ve had cats throughout our married life and from 1986 – 1999 we had a dog, a bearded collie called Dougie Poo Bear. He was gorgeous. Not sure we’ll have another dog as they tend to tie you down more than cats. When we go away we have a wonderful neighbour (we call her Cat Lady 🙂) who pops round twice a day to see Dylan which means he can stay here at home and doesn’t have to go to the cattery.
    Enjoy sharing your life with Roger 🐈‍⬛


    • Thanks for sharing, Margaret! Collie’s are beautiful creatures! Dougie Poo Bear is an adorable name! We have a small dog, who is very elderly, but we now consider ourselves ‘cat people’. I doubt we’ll get another dog after he passes, but we’ll always have an open door for feline friends! We do find that people are more willing to cat sit rather than pick up dog poop while we’re out of town!

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