Book Review – Empire of Silence

I’m a little late to the game on this one, as Empire of Silence came out in 2018, but I only just discovered it a few months ago. That being said, if you love scifi and have not yet read it, go pick it up right now. It’s that good.

A once high noble of the Palatine class, Hadrian Marlowe has fallen from grace. His plans to escape his father’s future for him go awry almost immediately and Hadrian finds himself lost, alone, and starving on a middle-of-nowhere planet. His will to survive will take him from dirty street urchin to Colosso myrmidon to tutor for the planet’s ruling family. Along the way, he will learn much about the ways of the galaxy, how far he can push himself, and how much friendship means when balancing what is right with what is necessary.

Christopher Ruocchio spins an epic tale of intrigue, personal growth, perseverance, loss, and adventure through beautiful prose, legendary world building, and the first person perspective of one of the greatest sci-fi characters of the last 10 years. Yeah, I’m willing to say that Hadrian Marlowe is one of the best this decade. Ruocchio writes this space opera as though he’s a master at the craft and has decades of experience, however he only sold Empire of Silence in 2018 at the age of 22! Gifted doesn’t quite describe him well enough. I’m sure that this can only mean that in the following books of The Sun Eater series, the growth and maturity in his writing only equate to elevating his skills and I’m going to be in for a big treat as I read them in the coming months.

I really enjoyed all the details of the worldbuilding, especially things like high matter swords and the idea that advanced technology was viewed as blasphemous to the semi-ruling religious class. It has nobility, space travel, aliens, archeology, and gladiatorial fighting. It really touches on so many differing topics but Ruocchio weaves them all together in an expert and organic way.

If you enjoy space operas and epic sci-fi, then be sure to check this one out. Book 5 of The Sun Eater series comes out December 13, 2022 so you have a few months to catch up!

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