Top 10 Tuesday – Books On My Fall 2022 To-Read List

It’s finally my favorite time of year: Autumn! I am so excited to get some cozy reading done in the upcoming months. I’ve already hit the bookstore for a mini-book-haul and added some great new reads to my TBR. Since I’m starting school in October, it’ll be hard to get through all of them but that’s okay, I’ll focus on the Halloween themed ones first, and let any stragglers shift to winter TBR.

  • The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik – Third in the Scholomance series. We finally get to see how the book 2 cliffhanger turns out!
  • Dead Man’s Hand by James J. Butcher – Debut novel with big promises and big shoes to fill.
  • Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie – Halloween mystery classic from the queen of mystery.
  • Ghost Story by Jim Butcher – Book #11 in the Dresden Files series. Perfectly fitting for spooky season due to Dresden’s current state.
  • The Clackity by Lora Senf – Middle grade spooky tale that promises mystery and monsters.
  • Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson – Middle grade book filled with supernatural suspense, magic, and mystery.
  • The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers – Unsettling classic that pre-dates Lovecraft.
  • Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw – Nightmare Before Christmas sequel that focuses on the Pumpkin Queen.
  • Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher – Short fantasy tale that blends fantasy, horror, fairy tales, and witches.
  • Meg by Steve Alton – A short, terrifying megalodon read that will keep you out of the water on your next beach trip.

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