Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Bookstores or Stores I’d Love to Visit

Favorite Bookstores

1. Powell’s Used Books – Portland, Oregon

Credit: Tosin Hassan – Google

Probably my favorite place to road trip to in the Pacific Northwest. There are so many books, I get overwhelmed by it all and end up spending the whole day browsing the stacks. They have a great rare books section that is a must see if you have the time. This place gets BUSY on weekends, so if you are planning a trip, be sure to visit outside of mid-day unless you don’t mind rubbing shoulders and waiting in line for a long time.

2. Third Place Books – Lake Forest Park, Washington

Credit: Chris Allen – Google

Cozy bookstore that sells both new and used books. They host all kinds of events and author visits. They also buy used books and sell rare books, too. There’s more than one location, but I like the Lake Forest Park one the best!

3. Elliot Bay Book Company – Seattle, Washington

Credit: Elliot Bay Book Co.

Probably the nicest bookstore in Washington state. It is located in Capital Hill neighborhood, has a great cafe, hosts book events and author visits. It’s a very modern, fresh vibe. Be sure to stop by if you’re ever in Seattle.

4. Brused Books – Pullman, Washington

Credit: Matt Smith – Google

I stumbled into this little used bookstore while in Pullman a couple months ago and completely fell in love with it. It is located in a tiny storefront on the main street and it packed full of used books. They are overloaded on shelves and stacked along aisles on the floor. I was looking for Agatha Christie books, and the owner told me they weren’t on the shelf, then showed me where to find the cardboard box on the floor that held her books! It’s eclectic, friendly, and smells wonderfully like the pages of old books. The best part? The prices are super low and hand written inside the back cover. It’s real old school, no stickers or check stand registers here.

5. Barnes & Noble – Woodinville, Washington

My local Barnes & Noble is the closest bookstore to me and I hang out there most often. This one has a great café that’s never over crowded so I can work or study, and the store itself has a cozy atmosphere and super helpful staff. I do try to buy most of my books at independent local stores, so I don’t buy a book every time I visit.

Bookstores I’d Love To Visit Someday

1. Boulder Bookstore – Boulder, Colorado

Credit: Boulder Bookstore

A lovely bookstore in quaint Boulder, CO. Their upper floor used to be home to a ballroom so you can actually shop for books while dancing around and no one will think you’re weird.

2. Twice Sold Tales – Seattle, Washington

Credit: Austin Morgan – Google

I don’t know why I haven’t been here before but I love books and I love cats so this place should be a big hit for me. They sell all kinds of used books and play host to several resident felines.

3. Livraria Lello – Porto, Portugal

Credit: Livraria Lello

Probably the most beautiful bookstore in the whole universe, it boasts Art Nuevo and Neo-Gothic stylings that make me swoon. Supposedly, this bookstore was the inspiration for Hogwarts.

4. Baldwin’s Book Barn – West Chester, Pennsylvania

Credit: Dongxian Jiang

A 5-story, 1822 barn turned bookstore that carries mostly rare books. I’d love to visit and see what unique treasures I can find hidden among the stone walls and cozy wood-burning stove.

5. The Montague Book Mill – Montague, Massachusetts

Credit: Baldwin Book Mill

Can you fit 25,000 books into a converted 3-story gristmill? Apparently you can! This bookstore is bursting to the seams with charm! They carry mostly academic books, but they do have a little bit of everything and boast that if they don’t carry what you need, they’ll be able to find you something you didn’t know you were looking for.

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