Weekly Bookstore Finds – Oct 10, 22

This weekend my husband and I visited our local Barnes & Noble to browse around and look for new books to add to my “Want To Buy” list. I’m currently having a “no buy October” for books and reading material but I’m still free to shelf shop. We grabbed some coffees at the café and wandered the stacks, finding some pretty interesting new books! Here are this week’s finds, so enjoy!

The Girl from the Other Side Siúil, a Rún Vol. 1 – By Nagabe

Genres: Manga, Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Mystery
An abandoned girl lost in a forest inhabited by monsters who can curse you with a single touch befriends one of them. I don’t know much about this manga but I thought the cover was beautiful. It’s plastic wrapped, but I can’t say why so maybe it has some interesting pages within.

Dune – By Frank Herbert

Genres: Space Opera, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classics
Barnes & Noble just released an exclusive hardcover version of Dune. It’s a lovely dark take on the recent rerelease version that features the blue page edges.
I won’t leave a blurb saying what the book is about since everyone already knows!

The Midnight Children – By Dan Gemeinhart

Genres: Middle Grade, Mystery, Adventure
A story about a group of runaway kids who move into a new town and make friends with the boy next door. Full of wonder, friendship, and mystery, The Midnight Children explores the meaning of “home,” what makes a family, and what it takes to find the courage to believe in yourself. This is a new release (Aug 22) and I had not heard of it before finding it today. The cover art really drew my attention with the shining gold lettering and interesting characters featured on it.

Beyond the Wand – By Tom Felton

Genres: Nonfiction, Memoir
Tom Felton’s memoir about his life growing up as a wizarding star. I don’t usually like reading memoirs, but Tom Felton seems down to earth, humble, and fun. This one might be good.

When Women Were Dragons – By Kelly Barnhill

Genres: Historical Fiction, Magical Realism, Fantasy
In the 1950’s, hundreds of thousands of women transform into dragons and change the world. I was drawn to this book by it’s beautiful cover of flowers with dragons hiding among the leaves. I had no idea that this book was coming out or that it was written by the same author who penned The Girl Who Drank The Moon.

The Mermaid of Black Conch – By Monique Roffey

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Romance
An award winning story about a man who catches, saves, and falls in love with a mermaid. I hadn’t heard of this book before today, but it looks like they have a rerelease out in this lovely new cover.

Ithaca – By Claire North

Genres: Retellings, Greek Mythology
This is the story of Penelope of Ithaca, famed wife of Odysseus, as it has never been told before. Love the cover art here and I’m a sucker for Greek Mythology. I hadn’t heard of this author before but was surprised to learn she wrote her first book at only 14 years old!

The Mountain in the Sea – By Ray Nayler

Genres: Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
Humans find a highly intelligent species of Octopi who have language and culture. It’s described as a dazzling literary debut and a mind-blowing dive into the treasure and wreckage of humankind’s legacy. I thought this book cover was pretty interesting and was pleasantly surprised that the book sounds interesting as well!

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