Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Read On Vacation

Books I Read On Vacation

World War Z

I started this one on the plane to the Big Island for a week long vacation at a house right on the beach. It gave me such bad spooks that I couldn’t sit in the hot tub at night with my back to the ocean for fear of a zombie crawling out of the surf to get me.

Project Hail Mary

Read this one while on a weekend getaway to the tiny coastal vacation town of Oceanside, Oregon. Being at the beach in full relaxation mode helped me crush it in a weekend.

Severed Souls

I took Severed Souls to the 2013 US Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend. I finished a chunk of it on the flight to Austin, then bits and pieces here and there over the weekend. As we arrived back at the Houston airport to depart from our vacation, I realized we forgot the book at the hotel. It was too late to go back and get it (Houston is pretty far from Austin), so I ended up buying a replacement at the airport bookstore!


2020 was a year where we spent most of the summer camping in the National Forests, National Parks, and State Parks of Washington state. Everything else was closed so the masses were flocking from the city and headed for the mountains. Max Brooks’ newest book could not have come out at a better time. I read this in the woods, in the mountains of Rainier National Park, in the dark. Normally, I would not have been afraid of the forest but let me tell you… this book made me question every single noise that happened at night.

Lover Reborn

I had recently discovered the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and was flying through them at record speed. I picked up book #10 on my Kindle so I could have some in-flight reading. I think I crushed this book in just a few days, even while in Las Vegas! It was our 1 year anniversary trip… 11 years ago now!

Books I’d Like To Take On Vacation

Evangeline of the Bayou

An atmospheric middle-grade read about a young girl in the bayou. It’s filled with magic, whimsy, and spooks! Would make a great read while visiting New Orleans and the surrounding bayou areas.

Christmas at the Borrow a Bookshop

Leavenworth is this cool little Bavarian town in the Cascades of Washington state. They have a wonderful snowy holiday season there in town and Christmas at the Borrow a Bookshop sounds just perfect for a weekend there.


Who could resist reading Jaws while on a California beach vacation? Someday, we’ll make a road trip down US 101 and hang out on some beaches. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to go in the water… maybe not!

The Shining
Credit: Dongxian Jiang

I’ve wanted to visit The Stanley Hotel since I very first experienced The Shining. I love paranormal stuff and this would be a great way to spook myself out.

Hunter X Hunter

We have a friend who now lives in Japan and visiting his family has been on the agenda for quite some time. Thanks to Covid restrictions, we had to put off the vacation for a few years, but hopefully we’ll get it going in the near future. I’d love to read through Hunter X Hunter while I’m there. It’s one of my son’s favorite manga.

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