Book Haul – Week Ending October 16, 2022

For the week ending October 16th, 2022, I only picked up two new books. I know that I said I was not buying any books in October but I couldn’t pass these up! I promise to do better for the rest of the month.

1. The Way of Kings – By Brandon Sanderson

I actually own The Way of Kings in paperback, Audible, and Kindle editions but since I was late to the game in discovering this magnificent series, I’ve been having a difficult time collecting the earlier books in Hardcover. The first 3 books actually went out of stock everywhere recently so when I saw The Way of Kings pop up on Amazon for $20, I had to get it while I could! Now, I only need Words of Radiance and Oathbringer to complete the main books (then I need to buy the novellas…).

2. A Door into Evermoor – By Kent Wayne

Not Buying Books in October?

That’s right, I’m not buying any more books in October. Which means keeping my wallet in my pocket when I go on bookstore adventures, and staying out of the thrift stores for two more weeks. How will I go on?? I’ve actually started a list of books that I plan to purchase beginning in November, which is getting concerningly lengthy. This lists now includes:

And that’s just new releases. I’ll probably pick up a few older books I’m collecting, as well as those pesky thrift store runs where I end up with many, many well-loved books. Nothing smells as good as an aged paperback!

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