Book To Movie/Show Adaptations To Watch On Halloween

Halloween 2022 is only a week away! Are you prepared for the festivities? I’ve been super busy and have not even had time to really get into the spirit but we did carve a pumpkin, munch on some candy corn, and read a couple of spooky books. We also watched a few October themed Halloween movies!

Since reading and watching movies are my two favorite hobbies, I thought I’d share a handful of great books that were turned into viewing pleasures. So, here are some great book-to-movie adaptations for the Halloween season that are sure to give you a fright! Or, maybe just a spook… but surely a lot of fun!

5 Book-To-Movie/Show Adaptations That Are Great For Halloween

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – By Washington Irving

Practical Magic – By Alice Hoffman

Let The Right One In – By John Aivide Lindqvist

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – By Alvin Schwartz

Coraline – By Neil Gaiman

What movies or shows will you be watching in the week leading up to Halloween? Do you prefer scary movies or feel-good family adventures?

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