Book Review – The Golden Enclaves

Hello, book I waited all year to read….

A few of the things that are explain in the book were pretty obvious for me from what was going on in previous books, but to find out who the BBEG was and what kind of horrible thing that person did threw me for a loop, although it totally made sense once I knew who it was. I felt that some of the sex stuff that happened in the book weren’t really natural to the characters (but I just might not subscribe to the use-sex-as-a-healing-distraction type of thing). Also, the prophecy reveal was predictable but not in an upfront, first assumption kind of way – it was really well done.

The ending was both satisfying, and sad, and I think that Novik did a great job leaving all these young adults open to the future. Not having any of them really tied down in relationships was a good move. Young people are too young for that, they need to live a little, learn who they are (outside of the Scholomance) and experience life before making long-term decisions.

I really did enjoy this book but after reading about a quarter of it in hardback, I was sort of bored so I ended up switching to Audiobook to finish it, which I think was the right choice. The narrator was excellent and when sped up to 1.3x, the pace was perfect.

If you wanted to know more about the Enclaves, how they were created, how they were maintained, and how dangerous and tragic they actually are, then this book will satisfy your curiosity. However, if you wanted to see El and Orion reunited in a magical love story filled with happy endings then you will not have a great time.

I rated The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik 4 out of 5. The audiobook was good so I will probably listen to the whole trilogy again in the future (as books 1 & 2 really were excellent).

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  1. […] What did you recently finish reading?This week, I finished The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik. I had waited with enthusiasm for this book to come out, as I absolutely love the first two in the series, however, this one sort of left me feeling unfulfilled. The story was good, but it just felt a little off for me so I couldn’t give it a 5-star rating like I had thought I would. Check out my review of The Golden Enclaves here. […]


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