Top Ten Tuesday – Unlikable Characters You Can’t Help but Love

Unlikeable Characters I Ended Up Loving

#1 Torol Sadias – Stormlight Archives series
By: Brandon Sanderson

#2 Darken Rahl – Sword of Truth series
By: Terry Goodkind

#3 Severus Snape – Harry Potter series
By: JK Rowling

#4 Draco Malfoy – Manacled (HP universe)
By: SenLinYu

#5 Garou – One Punch Man series
By: ONE & Yusuke Murata

#6 Aric/Endless Knight – Arcana Chronicles series
By: Kresley Cole

#7 Staryk King – Spinning Silver
By: Naomi Novik

#8 Claude Crane – Southern Vampire series
By: Charlaine Harris

#9 MorningLightMountain – Commonwealth Saga series
By: Peter F. Hamilton

#10 Raistlin Majere – Dragonlance series
By: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

How about you? Do you have any unlikeable characters on your can’t-help-but-love character lists?

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