Let’s Talk Bookish – How Do You Define Your Personal Reading Tastes?

How would you define your personal reading tastes?

I mostly enjoy books that have a lot of adventure, cheeky writing, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and avoids any unpleasant imagery. I read books to escape from reality, relax in another world, and have fun.

What kinds of books do you like to read?

I mostly read books that have some kind of fantasy or paranormal element to them. I do dabble a little bit in sci-fi but not much. Although I find occasionally that I really enjoy a book that is outside my normal genres simply because it’s silly.

How do you pick what books to read next?

I have always tried planning books to read in advance and then going down a list or picking from that group only, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I’m happier when choosing based on current mood. Sometimes I don’t feel like reading a romance novel and I refuse to force myself to do so when what I really want to read is a book that describes a zombie apocalypse. Starting this month, I’m picking by impulse with no strict planning.

Do your reading preferences change often?

Even though I mostly read Fantasy, my preferences for themes change constantly. Sometimes I’m all about sword & sorcery books, and other times, I cannot read enough scary monster books. I’d say my reading preference is fluid and changes day to day.

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