Let’s Talk Bookish – Do you use your local library?

Do you have a local library you go to often? 

Yes! I love our local library. We used to live just a block away from it, and before Covid, I spent a lot of my free time there browsing the stacks, reading magazines, and generally hanging out. Since we’ve moved though, I spend more of my time online putting books on hold. Right now, the library isn’t yet 100% back to normal (no food or drinks) so studying there is a bit uncomfortable but once it’s back up and running, I’ll be there often to get work done.

What are your favorite things about libraries?

I love being able to browse books without any pressure to buy something. I find a lot of interesting books at the library that I might not ever have discovered without being able to flip through them. And, the library offers all sorts of benefits and mixed media for check out. Plus, I think it’s really cool that they offer internet access to community members who don’t have it at home. Libraries are important to the community and I think they are swell for offering a nice place to hang out.

Are there certain books you borrow from your local library more or less often than others?

I try to check out books I’m interested in but am on the fence about buying right away. Usually, I utilize the library if its an author new to me, a super hyped-up book that I suspect might be not-so-great (I’ve been burned before, thanks book-tok), of if I want to just read a book I’m not interested in collecting (usually non-fiction or more academic books). During the pandemic, my library system also offered “Blind Book Bags” where they’d put 5-7 books from a specific genre or category together for check out. I really, really loved this option and wish they still offered it today. I discovered so many amazing reads through that program!

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