Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite “Aww” Moments In Books

Favorite Books with Moments That Made Me “Aww”

#1 The Russian Cage
By: Charlaine Harris

All the tender moments between Lizbeth and Eli.

#2 Project Hail Mary
By: Andy Weir

I don’t want to write out major spoilers so I’ll just say that whole friendship that defied all odds and existed anyways.

#3 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
By: JK Rowling

When Molly hugged Harry after the end of the Triwizard Tournament.

#4 Six of Crows
By: Leigh Bardugo

Some moments Kaz has, that maybe Inej wasn’t fully aware of.

#5 Dead to the World
By: Charlaine Harris

The relationship between Sookie and Eric when he’s forgotten his memories.

#6 Blood Rites
By: Jim Butcher

When Mouse first became Harry’s dog, my heart melted.

#7 Rhythm of War
By: Peter F. Hamilton

Adolin and Maya’s relationship.
Also a different Aww: When Wit takes Kaladin to talk and tells him the story.

#8 The Slow Regard of Silent Things
By: Patrick Rothfuss

Auri and her own novella is packed with these moments.

#9 Howl’s Moving Castle
By: Dianna Wynne Jones

The last 3 pages of the book are so filled with “Aww” for Sophie and Howl and their friends.

#10 Sword of Destiny – “A Little Sacrifice”
By: Andrzej Sapkowski

A sweet story with some tender moments between Essi and Geralt.

Do you have any “Aww” moments to recommend?

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