Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Authors I’m Thankful For (and Why).

10 Authors I’m Thankful for (and Why)

Photo credit @ Penguin Randomhouse

#1 Terry Goodkind
For fostering my love of Epic Fantasy.

Photo Credit @ Goodreads

#2 Charlaine Harris
For never having written something I didn’t love.

Photo credit @ Twitter

#3 Andy Weir
For making Science Fiction light and funny in the face of nearly-certain doom.

Photo credit @ Goodreads

#4 Leigh Bardugo
For giving us the gang from Six of Crows

Photo credit @ Goodreads

#5 Brandon Sanderson
For giving me 3 of my top 10 favorite characters of all time: The Lopen, Adolin Kholin, and Lift.

Photo credit @ Amazon

#6 JK Rowling
For giving us the wizarding world and spreading magic in our lives.

Photo credit @ Ali Hazelwood

#7 Ali Hazelwood
For highlight women of STEM in her romance novels.

Photo credit @ Amazon

#8 Christie Golden
For writing my favorite World of Warcraft novel (Before the Storm).

Photo credit @ Jim Butcher

#9 Jim Butcher
For writing my favorite urban fantasy series (The Dresden Files).

#10 Max Brooks
For writing my two favorite horror novels (World War Z & Devolution)

What about you, do you have any authors to be thankful for this November?

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