Let’s Talk Bookish –  Books as Gifts

Do books make good gifts?

I think that depends on the receiver. It wouldn’t do to give a non-reader a book as a gift… that would not make a good present and would probably be a little upsetting to someone that didn’t want that kind of gift. For people who enjoy reading, then yes, books make good gifts!

Do you ever give or receive books as gifts?

I give books as gifts occasionally, but not always. If I know that someone was interested an a title, then I might get it for them. If I know that someone is a more avid reader and I find something I think they’ll enjoy, then I’ll get it for them.

For me, I always welcome books as gifts. I have a huge backlog of books I’m collecting and usually for holidays and birthdays, I just give my Amazon wish list that houses the ones available through that source (I have several on the list that are much harder to find and not found on Amazon, but I wouldn’t ask someone to gift me a custom bound $200 book…).

Would you rather receive a book from your wish list or be surprised? 

I’d rather that people in my inner circle gift books to me from a wish list. This is because I have A LOT of books and surprise book gifts usually end up being duplicates or titles I’ve read but am not collecting. Plus, I’m picky when it comes to choosing books that I want to read, and I don’t usually want to read books that are over-hyped.

What would you do if you didn’t like the book you were given?

This has happened a couple times, but thankfully, the people who gift me books are usually also readers who understand that not every book you pick up is a winner. I usually donate these books or pass them along to a friend/family member who wants to give it a go next.

Would you expect someone to read a book you got them right away?

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