Let’s Talk Bookish – Banning Books

Do you think banning books is fair?

What a hot, controversial topic this one is!

In my very personal opinion I’m going to say that “It’s Complicated” when it comes to banning books. On the surface, I don’t agree with the idea that banning books is good or fair practice, but I’m only referencing books that are banned due to religious or conservative beliefs.

However, books that are written, lets say by a pedophile and tells other pedophiles how to be pedophiles… well I fully believe that those types of books should be banned from ever being printed. Those books are written with the intention of hurting others (the vulnerable!) and have no place in society.

Should students be allowed to read what they want and be able to get it from their school library?

Yes, as long as it’s age-appropriate, then students should be allowed to read any books they’d like. What should not happen is a coalition of angry, controlling parents getting to decide which books are stocked in the library with the intention of limiting children’s exposure to “crazy ideas” that encourage them to think for themselves.

The idea that kids can’t read books about gender identity, magic, real-world dangers, and ones that question religion is absurd. Let the kids learn about the world and make their own decisions.

In a more broad sense, how do you feel about books that have been “banned?”

Some of my favorite books are “banned” and they are books that I encouraged my own two kids to read growing up. I’m very supportive of the initiative for readers to pick up banned books because a lot of them are wonderful books that teach valuable lessons and encourage deeper thought on a lot of important topics.

Do you think that it’s a crime to ban a book, no matter what it contains, or are there cases where it’s alright? 

Like I mentioned earlier, some books should just never be printed. But thankfully, those books are pretty scarce.

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