Book Review – Darius

JR Ward finally tells the story of Darius, who died at in her very first Black Dagger Brotherhood novel. We didn’t know much about him in the beginning, and we only learned bits and pieces of his life through reading the stories of others. We knew he was important but his role in life (and death) touched every member of the BDB household and family, and possibly even saved his race.

This book was a great glimpse into Darius’ life, and it was sad to read about the tragedies he suffered. I don’t want to go into a lot of details, because this book is short, and everything in it is a testament to how intertwined all these character stories are, so if you’ve read even just the first few books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, then this one is a must-read (listen). It has a solid epilogue that ties a few things up very nicely, and hits you right in the feels.

As always, Jim Frangione gives a stellar performance as narrator. Simply one of the best in the industry right now.

This one gets a 5 out of 5. I loved hearing this story and learning more about one of the best characters in the series. I highly recommend it if you’re a BDB fan.

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