Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Goals for 2023

  1. Read/Listen to 100 books.
  2. Read more new releases, at least 1 per month.
  3. Try new authors more frequently.
  4. Avoid Goodreads reviews before reading a book so it doesn’t sway my opinion before I even get started.
  5. Dig deeper into Science Fiction.
  6. Finish a few series I’ve gotten into:
    • Dresden Files
    • Nicci Chronicles
    • ACOTAR
    • Murderbot
    • Empire of Silence (big maybe, those books are THICK)
  7. Participate in 3 reading challenges.
  8. Be more active in the book communities I’m part of.
  9. Start a booktube channel.
  10. Do more buddy reads!

What are your bookish goals of 2023?

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