Book Review – Legends & Lattes

Battle-hardened Orc Viv retires and decides to open a coffee shop in Thune. She meets new friends, reconnects with old friends, and finds a little romance along the way. When an adversary shows up and things get a little hot in the shop, Viv and her friends must work together to save the day.

Legends & Lattes was a pretty easy going read. I’d say that most of the book was basically just watching someone run a coffee shop. There wasn’t a whole lot going on and the detailed descriptions of making coffee was sort of boring for me (I was a barista at one point in the distant past). This could be my personal preference on liking action but I found the book to be a bit too cozy and I often stopped listening to parts and had to go back because nothing was really taking place. Action came in small spurts here and there, but it wasn’t very exciting. However, I’d say that for a bedtime story, this would be a good one because it does lull you into a cozy relaxation that could help you fall asleep better.

The characters were alright but I wouldn’t call them anything special. The character development was mild, the flaws were tiny, and the romance was sweet but predictable. Weirdly, the character that I enjoyed most out of this book was the dire cat Amity. I don’t know why, and I know it’d be dangerous, but I really, really wanted to pet it’s little ear tufts.

This one gets a 3 out of 5. I know I’m going against the popular opinion, but it just wasn’t a wow-er for me and while the prose was soft and inviting, the story lacked something I cannot quite put my finger on. Travis Baldree is an excellent narrator and I do love it when authors narrate their own stories.

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