Book Review – Skin Game

#15 in the Dresden Files series.

As the Winter Knight, Harry finds himself being forced by Mab to work with old nemesis Nicodemus in a heist for the supernatural ages. The target? The Holy Grail. The location? Hades mega-high security vault in the Underworld. The Players? Old friends but also old enemies working together in a (mostly) cohesive group. Treachery? Of course! Danger? Absolutely! Hidden agenda and double crossing? It wouldn’t be a party without it.

I found this installment of the Dresden Files to be a long awaited return to old days. Skin Game is jam-packed with old faces and returns to basics with long-hidden weapons making a reappearance. Several of Harry’s closest friends take interesting turns. Heroes are knighted, friends nearly die, and questions about those we thought we trusted most begin to bubble up to the surface. There’s even a little girl who is loved far more than she could fathom – how far would her father go to keep her safe? He already traded the entire Red Court to protect her… what else is he willing to sacrifice?

This one was clearly a winner for me. I loved everything about it but mostly I loved that Waldo Butters had such a big part to play. I knew he was destined for greatness but holy cow… YES! I appreciate Jim Butcher doing what he did in regards to Karrin, I thought it was perfectly executed. (Side note: I get lost in the time hops that have happened in the last few books, so when Karrin said she had been on the police force for 20 years, it threw me for a loop… she’s still only like 30 in my head.) I was over the Dresden+Karrin romance before it really even started, so I would honestly appreciate if that did not grow more in future books – she’s the best friend he’s ever going to have and friends to lovers tropes are… not great. I loved the vibrance and excitement of the Carpenter house. It is truly a home where I wish I had grown up. And, what about that interesting little tidbit at the end with Molly? I cannot wait to see where that leads.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a 5 out of 5 for this one. It’s just too good and perfectly executed.

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