Book Review – Definitely Dead

#6 in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Sookie finds herself in the Big Easy after the final death of her cousin Hadley, who happened to be the vampire consort to the Queen of Louisiana. It seems that Hadley had some big secrets, that unfortunately, put Sookie in danger while trying to clean up her estate.

Two big storylines converge in this installment of the Sookie books and we get to see what happens when you put a weretiger in a bayou, against his will. The story starts out in Bon Temps, where we find that the family of Tanya are still poking around, looking for answers. Then Sookie gets news of Hadley’s death and she sets out for New Orleans, but trouble seems to follow her across the state. In New Orleans, she meets up with Quinn, meets the Queen of Louisiana and the King of Arkansas, finds a new friendly witch named Amelia, and gets to know the unfortunate were-turned-vamp Jake.

A lot happens in this book and some questions are answered, but many more storylines begin here, too. The consequences of what happened at the ending are going to be huge and Sookie might be in for a surprise at how deadly her supernatural associations can be. She’s also found out that she’s been on the Queen’s radar for quite some time, and things for her are not looking good.

Charlaine Harris did an excellent job keeping her characters steady and introducing new ones, but if I’m being honest here…. Amelia is the character I dislike the most out of all Harris’ works. I’m sure she’s written to be that way intentionally, and Harris does a great job making me dislike her, but the time with her in this series is exasperating. She’s a bad friend, selfish, oblivious, spoiled, and lacks any kind of consideration for others.

Even with Amelia’s introduction, I give this one a 5 out of 5. I enjoy learning about Sophie-Anne (the Queen of Louisiana) and can’t wait to read the next one.

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