Top Ten Tuesday – Freebie – Favorite Things to Eat or Drink While Reading (9/16/19 throwback)

10 Favorite Things to Eat or Drink While Reading

I don’t always eat and drink while reading, but sometimes I do spend an evening (or morning!) relaxing with a good book while noshing somewhere. My favorite places to do this are at home with take out, at the bookstore café, or at my favorite pub The Bison.

  1. Boba teas! I love both fruit and milk teas. Sometimes I even get a bubble waffle to go with it.
  2. French fries! They are probably my worst eating habit. The Bison pub has the best ones in the area. Their burgers are great too, but hard to eat while reading. Fries are greasy so these are a Kindle-only snack.
  3. Fruit. I usually cut them down so they can be eaten with one hand. Any fruit except mangos (which I’m allergic to). Really great on hot summer days!
  4. Popcorn! I love to make it with real butter and salt I ground down in the mortar. I also really like Opopop flavors when I want to splurge on something fancy. Because of the butter, I only do this when I’m reading on my Kindle.
  5. Salads. I hardly ever make my own salads so I do take out from Qdoba, Chick Fil A, and Zeeks (which is a great pizza place near us). Salads are perfect because you can eat with one hand while you hold your book with the other.
  6. Sidecar cocktails. I only have these when I read at the pub. It’s my favorite cocktail of all time and goes perfect with a great mystery book!
  7. Sunjoy with 1/2 Lemonade and 1/2 Sweet Tea. I’m a sucker for Chick Fil A Sunjoy. Goes great with everything any time of year! Plus the tiny ice they use is just fantastic for some reason. Super refreshing while reading.
  8. Cold Brew from Starbucks – specifically Pumpkin Crème, Vanilla Sweet, or Pistachio! I cannot help but get one of these when I’m at the bookstore café.
  9. Veggies & dip. Probably the most healthy thing on my list here. I’m a total bunny when it comes to veggies and I love crunching on them as I read.
  10. Hot tea. Name a more classic duo than hot tea and a good book. I’m a huge fan of many teas but my favorites right now are Matcha Love Blueberry, Tazo Joy, and Lady Earl Grey by Twinning’s.

What about you? Do you have favorite snacks while reading?

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