Book Review – The Dawn of Yangchen

Chronicles of the Avatar – Book #3

A young Avatar needs to find the strength within herself to be a formidable, trusted leader in a world where money rules and distrust is common.

I am not going to go deeply into this book because I actually found it to be quite boring. After experiencing the Kyoshi books, I expected to have the same level of excitement, flair, and Avatar-action, but all we got was a political intrigue novel that focused too often on characters who were not the Avatar.

What I wanted was action. What I got was dialog. Lots of it.

Oh well, better luck in the next one.

This book gets a reluctant 2 out of 5 from me. While I didn’t enjoy it because I expected something else, the writing wasn’t terrible, and the narration was good. If not for Nancy Wu, it would not have kept my attention, but she does a great job drawing interest with her voices. I’m sure others will love this story, but it was not for me.

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