Book Review – Star Wars: Red Harvest

A Star Wars Legends: Novels book.

Some Sith decide that they want a flower that a Jedi agriculturalist has. They forcibly take it, and use it to create an evil formula. Things go wrong (or maybe right?) and zombies happen.

So, compared to Death Troopers, this book falls completely flat. There was nothing about this book that kept me wanting to read it. The beginning started okay, but by the halfway point, I was shaking my head at the story. It was creative, I’ll give it that, but it somehow seemed too simple in its plot details while being too enthusiastic in its gory descriptions.

I also had a hard time keeping all the different characters straight because I found it hard to care about any of them. The exception being Darth Scabrous because he was just as violently cruel as I image someone in his position would be. Hestizo Trace was not a character I liked very much. She was undeveloped and one dimensional. She even makes a Taken movie quote which totally ruined her for me.

The story was crazy. I love a good zombie book, it’s one of my favorite genres. The zombies in this one were alright, not especially scary, more gross than frightening. The descriptions of how disgusting they were was a little over the top compared to how much detail was given in other areas of the book. I think it’s totally plausible that they were experimenting with dangerous viruses in an attempt to make some kind of chemical weapon. It’s definitely, and inarguably plausible that Darth Scabrous was seeking a path to immortality. What I don’t think is plausible is that the super rare necessary ingredient for this immortality potion/zombie virus is a flower that is sentient, Force-connected, and “bonded” with it’s Agricultural Corps Jedi gardener. I enjoy crazy stories, but this was just not it. The idea was too amateur, too simple, and sounded too much like something a child would have come up with.

Now, I could be completely wrong. This is only the 3rd or so book I’ve read from the Legends/Old Republic years, so it’s entirely possible that this plot fits in to the grander Star Wars universe, but it didn’t hit well with me and I think that it could have been better. Death Troopers was better. By a lot.

I’m giving this one a 2 out of 5. The story was disappointing, the narration & audiobook editing were not well done, and what I dislike most is that it had the potential to be great but fell so flat.

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