Book Review – Brief Cases

#15.1 in the Dresden Files series.

A set of short stories from the Dresden world that take place at varying times in our journeys with Harry. Many of the tales are told by side characters, including one from Mouse, his large, fluffy dog.

Curses – 3/5
Between Small Favor and Turn Coat.
Harry is hired to lift a curse at Wrigley Field.
I am guessing that Butcher is a fan and wanted to write a story about it. It was good, but I don’t know that I’m into baseball themed tales.

AAAA Wizardry – 3/5
Between Dead Beat and Proven Guilty.
Harry vs the boogeyman.
I love the way Butcher writes about the innocence of children and how different their perspectives are on the world (compared to adults). This was a good story and I enjoyed the little twist at the end (and Harry being able to help).

Even Hand – 4/5
Between Turn Coat and Changes.
Gentleman Johnnie Marcone vs some bad guys. Told from Marcone’s POV.
Getting a glimpse of Marcone’s life, from his point of view is fascinating. I want more of these stories, please!

B is for Bigfoot – 5/5
Between Fool Moon and Grave Peril.
Harry meets Bigfoot (and his long-distance girlfriend).
I’m a big fan of Bigfoot lore so this was great! It was a wonderful version of Bigfoot.

I Was a Teenage Bigfoot – 5/5
Sometime around Dead Beat.
Harry helps Bigfoot’s son.
This was a great story about facing your bullies and keeping true to yourself. Plus, the Douglas Adams reference was fun!

Bigfoot on Campus – 5/5
Between Turn Coat and Changes.
Bigfoot’s son gets a girlfriend.
This was my favorite in the anthology.

Bombshells – 2/5
Between Ghost Story and Cold Days.
Molly POV story featuring Justine & Andi.
This is where Molly finds out the truth about Harry’s ending from Mab. I didn’t care for the Molly narrator on audiobook. The story was just okay.

Jury Duty – 3/5
Between Skin Game and Peace Talks.
Harry gets a jury summon.
This one was pretty funny. Jury’s not my thing but it was fun seeing Harry be a normal person, upset about going to Jury.

Cold Case – 4/5
After Cold Days.
Molly POV story. Molly + Ramirez ≠ ❤️
We find out a very important detail of the restrictions (and expectations) of Molly’s new role in the Winter Court. Same narrator, but the story this time was much more engaging, interesting, and dangerous.

Day One – 5/5
Between Skin Game and Peace Talks.
Butters POV story. Butter trains with Michael to be a proper Knight.
Butters is my favorite character in the series. I would love to read more about his adventures as a Knight and all the good he’s destined to do.

A Fistful of Warlocks – 2/5
Long before Storm Front begins.
Luccio POV story. Luccio hunts a necromancer and his friends in the wild, wild west.
I just had a difficult time connecting with Luccio. She felt different.

Zoo Day – 3/5
Between Skin Game and Peace Talks.
Mouse POV story. Mouse saves the day on a trip to the zoo. Maggie-featured story.
This was a cute little story where Mouse protects Maggie and fights off ‘his shadow’.

Overall, I give this anthology a 4 out of 5.

I thoroughly enjoyed many of these stories and will read them again in the future. It was a treat to get some side-character POVs and find out what was going on with people while Harry was busy after Changes. I hope that Butcher releases more short stories someday soon.

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