Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Heroes & Heroines

Favorite Heroes & Heroines

Image from Goodreads

King Arthur

The Once and Future King – TH White

I’ll start the list with my favorite true hero. I picked him because in this story, we get to see a small kid grow up to be a great King. You get live his life right along with him so his growth is obvious, along with the challenges, and the losses.


Nettle & Bone -T. Kingfisher

She’s an unusual heroine who has a lovely heart and a penchant for rescuing Queen-sisters from truly evil King-husbands. And saving kingdoms.

Evie Von Rathe

The Clackity – Lora Senf

She’s a middle-grade aged kid who ventures into terrifying places to rescue her family. A real heroine, even at a young age.

Maggie Hoskie

Trail of Lightning – Rebecca Roanhorse

She’s a Navajo woman living in the post-apocalypse. She’s been gifted with clan powers… but because of them, she’s known as the Monster Slayer.

Todd Wainio

World War Z – Max Brooks

He’s just one of many in the WWZ book, but he’s my favorite hero of the story. He was right on the front lines of the zombie war and did his best to save the world.


Draco Malfoy

Manacled – SenLinLu

Yes, it’s fanfic but this story was longer than most books and I loved it.
Draco is a completely different character than in the original HP universe. He’s damaged and broken, but finds a way to be a hero in the end.

Kate Holland

Devolution – Max Brooks

Not all heroines have happy endings.
This one has a great evolution from city girl who freaks out about the smallest inconvenience, to bad ass sasquatch hunter who does her best to save her friends.

ursulav @ deviantart


Minor Mage – T. Kingfisher

A young wizard and his armadillo familiar set off on a journey
to save his town.

Frank Beddor

Hatter Madigan

The Looking Glass Wars – Frank Beddor

Princess Alyss’ personal bodyguard. He literally goes to another world to try and rescue her, fighting all kinds of bad guys along the way.


Tim Samaras

The Man Who Caught the Storm – Brantley Hargrove

Okay, this one isn’t a fictional character but Tim Samaras was a true hero. The work that his team did in studying tornadoes has directly saved thousands of lives.

Bonus hero and one of my favorite of all time:

Satoru / Mumen Rider

One Punch Man – ONE

“I know no one expects much from me. And I know better than anyone how useless a C Class hero is. I know I’m too weak even for B Class! I know more than anyone else that I’ll never beat you. But I must fight you anyway!” 

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