Book Review – Zombie Fallout: Zero

Audio-exclusive prequel to Zombie Fallout series.

This short story covers the details of what happened leading up to the zombie outbreak from Patient Zero, how the government was involved, and how evil some people in positions of power can truly be.

We follow CDC scientist Harry through his work to identify and try and stop the virus that’s spreading like wildfire across the world. He discovers that people are being intentionally infected with this zombie virus through a vaccination that’s meant to help curb a particularly bad form of the flu that’s arisen. Someone intentionally hid this virus inside the vaccination – the implications are insane.

This zombie tale has everything that’s great about zombie stories. It’s gory, it’s detailed, it’s got parallels to our actual real life. It’s also pretty frightening for those new to zombie-books. Mark’s writing is also great. He says that he’s “long winded” but I didn’t find any of that in this story. The pace was excellent, descriptions were only as long as they needed to be, and his characters were well developed which given the length of this short story, was really top-notch.

Overall, I give it a 5 out of 5.

I enjoyed every minute of this prequel and it’s got me excited to pick up the rest of the very long series. I think there are… a bunch of them, plus I have an interest in his other stories as well.

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