Let’s Talk Bookish –  Book Stopping Places? 

Are you the type of reader able to stop reading just anywhere? 

It really depends on the book and how invested I am in it. If I’m not really feeling the story, I can stop anywhere along the way and drop a bookmark for the day. If I’m super invested and turning pages like my life depends on it though, then I have to set limits and usually give myself until the end of the chapter to stop (and go to bed!). If the chapter is super long (some crazies write 200 page chapters! WHAT?), then I will try to stop at an inner-chapter break point or at a page number ending on 0.

What do you do if you can’t stop at a good point – do you have to go back right away to stop at a better place? 

If I’m interrupted and cannot finish where I’d prefer, then it does eat away at me until I finish it so I quickly scurry back to my reading nook and finish it up.

Do you use bookmarks in a special way to remember where exactly you are?

I just sort of put the bookmark where I finish. I’ll almost always finish a whole page to avoid mid-page stopping unless there’s a natural break point, which does make it easy to find my place again.

How uncomfortable does it make you to stop in the middle of an exciting part of the book, and how do you deal with that?

I usually read at night before bed and I’ve spent MANY groggy, zombie-like days at work downing unhealthy amounts of coffee because I read past my bedtime the night before. Most often thanks to a story that I. Just. Could. Not. Put. Down. Coffee usually helps when these days happen. Lots and lots of coffee. Maybe some spicy lunch too.

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