Book Review – Silver Borne

Mercy Thompson #5

A borrowed book stirs up trouble and things get hot for Mercy and her mate Adam.

For such a short book, this one has a whole lot packed into it. Danger is around every corner and our poor coyote just can’t seem to catch a break. There’s an angry mom, a mysterious tome, a kidnapping, an explosion, a bonding, and a pack showdown. Mercy struggles to help all her friends and seems to be pulled in many directions.

Mercy has continued to heal from her trauma and her relationship with Adam gets a little more serious. Adam is growing on me every book. His character is a great example of a well written Alpha. He’s all the strong type without any assholeness mixed in. He treats Mercy like an equal while giving her a gentleness reserved only for those he loves. Too many books out there make their Alpha characters abusive, and I really love that Patricia Briggs didn’t go that route. Not only is Adam a caring partner to Mercy, he’s a supportive father to his teenage daughter. Well done!

This story might be my favorite so far. I loved the adventure, the mystery, and the interesting scenes like the fight in the dojo and all those moments where Mercy got to show some backbone, such as when she had to make her admission of fault to the mom, and when she stood up to and faced down the pack chick. Good strong female characters are so needed and Mercy is a great.

We also got some Samuel action in an interesting way. I was a little surprised initially at what happened and why, because I don’t feel like it was hinted to enough in previous books to end up here. I wonder how it will all work out with the Marrock. And, what Samuel was going through and the decision he made are really, gigantic mental health issues and enough time was not spent on addressing this. It was a side story to the story and we should have had more commentary on that topic, at the very least. I won’t rate down for this because this was written 13 years ago and I’m positive it would have been expanded on if written today.

In the end, I really enjoyed this installment of the Mercy Thompson series. I’m totally digging the Were+Coyote love thing that’s going on. I’m super interested to see how their bond continues to grow and what kinds of impacts it’ll have on the pack if Mercy is gaining so much pack connection.

Overall, I give it a 5 out of 5.

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