Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish People I’d Like To Meet 

Bookish People I’d Like To Meet

1 – Brandon Sanderson

I would love to meet the person responsible for creating some of my favorite characters of all time. If I had the opportunity to be a student of his at BYU, I would probably die of joy.

2 – Six of Crows Gang

One of the best character groups ever! I would be overjoyed to meet all of the Six of Crows members, but especially Kaz and Inej ❤

3 – Darlington

From the Alex Stern series (Ninth House & Hell Bent). Darlington seems like such a unique and charming person who carries an air of important superiority mixed with just enough class and elegance to not be a (total) douche about it. Chatting with him about the occult would be fascinating.

4 – Maggie Hoskie

From Trail of Lightning. She’s a Navajo woman living in the post-apocalypse. She’s been gifted with clan powers… but because of them, she’s known as the Monster Slayer.

5 – Max Brooks

Author of World War Z and Devolution. I would totally nerd out if I got to meet him. His brain is full of amazing horror info that I’m so jealous of.

6 – Joe Goldberg

From the You series. I’ve never met someone (that I know of) like Joe who is just absolutely nuts like this. It would be interesting and probably a whole lot unsettling to meet someone who lacks this much empathy.

7 – Jim Butcher (and Harry Dresden)

Jim Butcher is one of my favorite writers. I would love to ask him a million questions about how he created the Dresden world and maybe give me some writing tips!

8 – Mumen Rider

C-Class, Rank 1 hero from One Punch Man manga series. He’s the best hero. I’d be interesting to meet someone who has no hero powers but still sacrifices everything to protect people. The Truest Hero.

9 – Mercy Thompson

From the Mercy Thompson series. Total badass chick. Totally my role model. Having her share what makes her strong and independent would be dope.

10 – Murderbot

From the Murderbot series. Who wouldn’t love to meet a self-aware SecUnit?? Give me that sass any day! We’d probably be best friends.

What about you? Who would you love to meet?

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