Book Review – Peace Talks

The Dresden Files #16

Harry has a few good things going for him: he’s finally getting to be a dad to his little girl and he’s finally taken the relationship step with Karrin. But, since Harry’s life is destined to be difficult and painful, he’s thrust into yet another supernatural problem of massive proportion. Harry must balance protecting those he loves with keeping huge secrets that could endanger everyone he cares about while trying to do both of his jobs without upsetting those on the White Council who have grown suspicious and nervous about Harry’s intentions. He must try to be a good member of the White Council as security for the Peace Talks while also being a reluctantly-loyal Winter Knight.

This story was filled with an excitement, family drama, beloved characters, hilarious moments, and a little bit of a ‘consequences catching up to you’ finally happening. It has a ton of opportunity for us to see character growth for our long-time friends and a few enemies. There were also some small moments where we got to see some interesting thoughts of a few key characters like Michael talking about Molly not really being around for a while and acting distant. And as always, I am a big fan of the Butters moments!

The plot was excellent and while the book did end abruptly, in the middle of an action sequence, I think it was a good stopping point that adds a bit of urgency and excitement and encourages the reader to pick up Battle Ground as soon as possible to keep the hype train rolling. Harry’s long ago decisions to intentionally hide his connection to Thomas finally comes to a head and he ends up showing down with someone very dear to him over it. It could make or break not just their relationships, but it could send the whole of the White Council down on him. It also causes tension with Lara of the White Court, who is someone not to mess with.

This book came out during a time in the world where people were stuck at home with massive amounts of free time to take their annoyance, anger, and fright out on an author just doing his best. I get that it seems unfair that this book is really the first part of one big book and ends at a weird point (in the middle of action!) but I am going on the record to say that I believe Jim Butcher did a great thing in splitting the story into Peace Talks and Battle Ground, especially since he released both in the same year. I see a ton of popular opinions saying nasty things about Butcher and all of you need to take a moment to calm down and stop acting entitled to someone else’s work. Butcher can do what ever he wants with his stories because they are his and as an audience, we have no right to make demands of him or trash him because he didn’t release the story how we envisioned.

That being said, I adored this book and cannot wait to begin Battle Ground to find out what happens next. If you’re a Dresden fan, then definitely read this one, it’s worth it.

Overall, I give it a 5 out of 5.

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