Book Review – The Road to Neverwinter

A man trying to cope with the loss of his wife while struggling to care for his tiny baby daughter meets a tough woman with a tender heart who helps pull his life back together. Edgin and Holga spend the next 9 years raising little Kira to be strong-willed, intelligent, and resourceful. The kid has a heart of gold so when new members of their found-family come trickling in, Kira is right there to welcome them with open arms.
As with every great thief, each member of the group has dreams of making it rich and possess the stubborn bravery to at least make an attempt at it. None of them is into “honest work” so they devise a plan to steal a very rare, very valuable magical artifact from a Dragonborn Wizard. What could possibly go wrong?

This story reads exactly like a D&D campaign, complete with moments where you can tell exactly when the PC rolled a critical fail. I wasn’t really sure of Jaleigh Johnson since she’s a new-to-me author but she wrote this story expertly. It was full of whimsy, adventure, danger, the right amount of tension, and excitement. Her characters were well developed and stayed true to themselves through out. The character growth was well done and none of them were infallible or overly lucky. I enjoyed every bit of this story and loved that it was a story within a story as a set up for the upcoming movie release.

This is totally a found-family book and it is extremely cozy and delightful. I highly recommend it if you enjoy D&D, cozy fantasy, and high-stakes adventuring with a safe, low-stakes vibe.

Overall, I give it a 5 out of 5.

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