Let’s Talk Bookish –  Do Genres Change Over Time?

Is there a genre you think is done better or worse today than it was in the past? 

I think that over time, writing within genres evolves based on things like what is going on socially and what’s becoming acceptable at the time. If I had to pick a genre I think is better now, I’d go with Horror because it’s journey along our timeline has grown into something wonderful and extremely vast as it’s not currently being constrained by any society expectations of “what is acceptable and appropriate”.

How is it better today or how is it it worse than it was before? 

As I mentioned, overall I think all genres are better today simply because writers have more freedom to write the stories they want, without any regard to making them appropriate. Writers can write crazy, disgusting, horrible, and fascinating things today and that’s a really, really good thing. Freedom of expression is a good thing for everyone.

What differences do you see that make them better or worse? 

Aside from the freedom to be creative, I think that writing in general today is better overall, but I suspect that its because newer books are written in a familiar voice (it comes from today’s world and ideas) and older books (to me) tend to be a lot dryer, boring, long winded, and let’s face it…. racist. There are very few older books I actually enjoy, but I do try to read some classic when the mood hits (probably just to pretend I’m cultured).

Do you think that the quality of genres follow certain trends over time?

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