Book Review – River Marked

Mercy Thompson #6

While on her honeymoon with pack Alpha Adam, Mercy’s long-gone father comes crashing back into her life, just not in a way that one would expect. Together, they will work to banish something dark and dangerous from this world, at great personal risk, with all the sacrifices expected on such a journey.

This installment of the Mercy Thompson series takes a sharp turn away from standard urban fantasy romance and settles into a semi-urban native mythology adventure. We learn where Mercy’s coyote half comes from and how tied in to the natural world she really is. Adam is there along side her but he takes a more supportive role in this one and lets Mercy lead the way. Most of the characters are new to the series (I suspect they are going to be featured only in this one) but a few make appearances via phone calls and mentions during internal dialog from Mercy.

There’s a ton of native mythology in this one, including one of my all-time favorite characters: Coyote (aka Ma’ii). Briggs did a great job pulling the lore together and preserving pieces of authentic native culture as she did. I love that Mercy is slowly finding how about her native half and that she’s welcomed and encouraged to learn more about that other side of herself.

To discuss this story at length would give away most of the important details so I will refrain from expanding further on it. I’d rather the reader get to unwrap the joy that this book was for themselves.

If you enjoy native lore and mythological tales, then definitely pick this one up.

Overall, I give it a 5 out of 5.

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