Book Review – Frost Burned

Mercy Thompson #7

An unknown group takes the local werewolf pack hostage and it’s up to Mercy to organize a rescue. With Jesse in tow, Mercy gathers her short list of allies, steals an AMG, and does whatever it takes to bring her pack home.

This one was a snap back to the urban part of urban fantasy. Unlike the previous installment, which focused heavily on native mythology, this one is full of gun-toting bad guys, angry moms, ghosts, and politically-motivated drama.

I thoroughly enjoyed Frost Burned. It had a ton of action and a ton of opportunity to see how formidable Mercy can be, even though she’s “just a little coyote”. She’s a strong woman on her own but when she ‘borrows’ the alpha dominance from the bond she shares with Adam, she can be downright fearsome. I think she’s a great role model for Jesse and it really showed in this book.

A lot happens here, but at the same time, the story stays level and doesn’t deviate with too many side quests. Everything seems to be connected and it feels like this book is setting up for a much larger storyline coming in future books that will more deeply involve the large werewolf community and its clash with normal human politics.

There was one really sad part involving a death in the pack. It was well done and I was glad to see that that wolf’s mate got to have some closure around it. Patricia Briggs is a excellent writer and master and showing emotions in a relatable way.

I would recommend this one for any Mercy Thompson fan. It was a great audiobook and I can’t wait to dig into the next one.

Overall, I give it a 5 out of 5.

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