Let’s Talk Bookish – Required Reading (Old LTB Topic)

This week, we’re bringing back an old topic from a few years ago:
Required Reading

How do you feel about required reading?

I think that required reading is an important way to expose children to different ideas and encourage them to think about a range of topics on their own.

Do you think it is unfair and boring? Or do you think it helps students become better readers?

It might be boring but it’s necessary and reading things that are boring can also help kids learn how to focus better, which becomes a useful tool in their college years and adult lives. It is not unfair at all.

What kinds of books do you think should be required reading, and what should classes avoid?

I don’t think I’m qualified to recommend any specific books because I’m not an educator. However, I think that kids should read a wide range of books from many different decades, that talk about many different topics. Social, historical, and mentally simulating type of things.

I think that unless the school is a religion-based one, then all forms of religious text should be avoided. That’s something for parents to do with their kids at home, based on their personal beliefs, and not something that educators should be teaching in a classroom that represents all types of student.

Is it a good way of getting students to read old classics?

This might shock you but… I really don’t like “old classics”. I’ll agree that it’s important for kids to read few but I don’t think it should be the bulk of their assigned reading in any grade, unless of course they are taking a class that’s about studying the classics. Classics have this habit of completely turning kids off from reading altogether. Most of them appeal to only a very small portion of children and there are so many books being released today that teach kids more than those old stories. I just think classics are better appreciated by adults who want to read them and we shouldn’t force them upon young kids who haven’t found a love of reading yet.

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