Top Ten Tuesday –  Favorite YouTube Channels – Non-Book Freebie Week

Favorite YouTube Channels

(in no particular order)

1 – MrBallen

MrBallen covers strange, dark, and mysterious stories. He’s a great storyteller! I am particularly interested in his videos on the Missing 411 cases. He also has a great podcast of the same name on Amazon Music.

2 – Steve1989MREinfo (Steve1989)

I don’t particularly care for MRE’s or military life but I stumbled onto Steve’s videos a few years ago and found that they are surprisingly wholesome, calm, relaxing, and super interesting. Steve also comes off as a great guy! Plus, he tries really old MRE’s, even one from the CIVIL WAR. He doesn’t post very often anymore but he has a whole bunch of videos on his channel.

3 – BilliSpeaks

Billi’s a really interesting, really smart, really opinionated cat. She’s got a sweet little personality and uses all of her communication buttons to let her owner know what she wants (demands). Her videos are short, but her owner posts them multiple times per week.

4 – Solo Travel Japan

I know, his video isn’t available embedded, BUT please hit the link to watch it on YouTube! He covers cool travel in Japan, usually by ferry or train, and shows all sorts of neat stuff. There’s no talking in his videos but there are captions and environmental sounds. I find these videos to be super relaxing!


The Japanese River Otters Kotaro and Hana have very wonderful, very spoiled lives. Their owners document and share some of this with us! It’s fun to see what the otters get up to, how much like children they are, and how silly they can be! Very fun, short videos!

6 – Alexandra Roselyn

Okay, this one is book related… Alexandra Roselyn is one of my favorite booktubers. Her taste and style and peppy attitude are a wonderful, happy mix! She’s also got a Master’s degree in Library Science so I enjoy listening to her break down stories.

7 – Jimmy Mango

Jimmy Mango mostly covers horror genre books, but he does it really well. His Stephen King collection is out of this world and I appreciate his passion for the genre. He doesn’t post very often, but what he does put out is down to earth, not overloaded with editing, and very thorough. Plus, he has a movie poster of Tremors in his movie den that I’m totally jealous of, and respect him for (as it’s the greatest movie ever made).

8 – Therapy in a Nutshell

Therapy in a Nutshell is a great resource for mental health wellness. Emma McAdam is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and she delivers short videos meant to help everyone live a better life. I find her videos extremely helpful and full of useful ways to feel better and happier.

9 – Chopito Rally

The best part of rally races are the spectacular crashes. Chopito releases crash compilations from recent rallies about once per week. Don’t worry, I’ve never seen a complication where someone was seriously injured!

10 – Nerd of the Rings

Yeah, Lord of the Rings nerd-channel. If you think LOTR is more of a way of life, rather than just some mild entertainment, then this channel is for you. Nerd of the Rings covers literally everything there is to cover about the world Tolkien created. And I mean EVERYTHING, even theories. According to my quick (and entirely inaccurate) math, there’s at least 80 hours of content on this channel and I’ve barely dipped my toe into the pool. It’s all high quality, super wholesome, and it goes DEEP into the lore. Check it out!

I hope you get to check out these YouTubers and find one that you like, too! I’m always on the lookout for new channels to check out, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way!!

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