Let’s Talk Bookish – Buying More Books Than You Can Read

Do you buy a lot of books?

I guess it depends on what we’re measuring “a lot” as. I feel like I used to buy a lot of books but I’ve slowed down quite a bit. I’d say I currently buy a “medium” amount of books.

Do you read all of the books you buy right away?

I feel attacked! Just kidding. Sometime last year, I noticed that my bought-but-not-read count was getting a little out of control so I made the decision to buy smarter. As of right now, I’ve been doing really well with my buy-and-read plan. I only have one book that I can think of that I have not yet gotten to (but the reason for it sitting is a story for a different day).

Or do you buy more books than you can read?

I’m really trying not to do this. I miss the shopping sprees but my wallet, bookshelves, and mental state are super thankful that I’ve found control in book buying.

How do you choose which books you buy?

How to answer this one…. I go back and forth about buying books. There are some authors & series I’m totally invested in and will auto-buy them because I know they’ll be read. There are also ones that I cannot get unless I buy them, like Audible Only ones that I really want to listen to (like Six of Crows / Andy Weir stuff), so I’ll buy those. Then there are books I find that I want to read RIGHT NOW but because there’s long waits at the library I have to decide between buying on Kindle or buying a physical copy, which I don’t do unless it’s an auto-buy or has been deemed a “Favorite”. Then there are the wandering-the-bookstore buys where I find something interesting and go through a whole other decision tree to figure out if I should get it or not. Deciding which books to buy is overly (and unnecessarily) complicated for me and I’m ashamed of myself.

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