Friday Favorites – Science Fiction Books

Secret book #2 in the Year of Sanderson

Technically, it’s a fantasy-scifi mashup. It presents itself as a fantasy world but some of the characters have science fiction type stuff going on like cool nano technology & augments and there’s dimensional travel going on!

#5 in the Murderbot series

I love everything about this series but this one was my favorite! There’s just something about the way Wells writes that makes me love her stories so much. They are fresh and interesting and oddly relatable. Who knew I’d see so much of myself in a bot?

Empire of Silence by Christopher Ruocchio

Book #1 in The Sun Eater series.

It’s a beautiful space opera about a runaway noble son who is attempting to escape the prison of his lineage and duties forced upon him by his powerful father. Spoiler: running away did not make it easier or better.

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Stand-alone novel.

One of the best stories about sacrifice, redemption, and friendship I’ve ever read.

Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton

Stand-alone novel.

This one was my first jump into a harder science fiction writer’s work and I really enjoyed it. I do think Hamilton gets a little weird with some themes but I still find myself thinking about this story almost 2 years after finishing it. It definitely made an impact with me!

I know this is coming out on a Saturday but in my defense, Friday was my birthday and I was too busy celebrating with pizza, some boozy blue drink called the Kraken, and going on a few shopping sprees!

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