Book Review – The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England

Secret Project #2

A confused and disoriented guy wakes up in a smoldering field strewn with singed papers fluttering about. He can’t seem to remember who he is or where he is, so he heads to the town in the distance. Unfortunately, danger waits for him there. Soon, he groups up with some locals and heads out on a rescue mission, where along the way he gets to rediscover his identity, his life before the field, and where he’s really from.

This story is a great blend of fantasy and science fiction with likeable and flawed characters. It’s overflowing with adventure, mystery, magic, mayhem, and a journey of self-discovery and forgiveness. The world Sanderson builds here is exciting and just different enough from actual historical England to be magical and fun.

The characters were developed well and each was a necessary component of the story. Sanderson played with the idea that not all bad-buys are completely bad, and not all good-guys are always good. I liked that approach and the messages this story told with them. Our protagonist John (Johnny/Runian) was multi-faceted and had a complex path to finding his true self and reclaiming his self-worth. His journey was excellent! The other characters were likeable and interesting, and Ulric the bad boss was perfectly dislikable, arrogant, and power hungry.

I thought that the most interesting part of the book was the epilogue. It sort of ended in a way that makes you want to know exactly what was going on… I need to know who she really is and where she came from and what she’s planning! (Read the book to see what I’m talking about!).

In all, this was a highly enjoyable read. It was fun, exciting, and a great mash-up of my favorite elements. I really hope he writes a second book, I want to know what else takes place!

Overall, I give it a 5 out of 5.

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