Library Week Challenge – October 16-22, 2022

I’m a huge supporter of the public library system. While I do purchase most of the books that I read, I try to utilize the library to check out materials whenever possible because I think that libraries provide a necessary community benefit and need consistent, ongoing patrons to keep receiving funding. In addition to offering materials to check out (books, DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, cd’s, periodicals, etc.), libraries provide a safe space to study, they offer homework help for students, they have meeting spaces for home workers, loads of enrichment opportunities and clubs, and a place for the less fortunate to have access to the internet. And, in times of need, they serve as places for the community to find safe shelter.

In order to keep supporting my local library system (King County Library System/KCLS), I’m going to begin doing a monthly “Library Week Challenge” where I check out a book or two and try to finish them during that week. It will take place during the 3rd week of each month, and run from Sunday to Saturday. Please feel free to join in on the weekly fun! Without further ado, let’s see what I’ve selected for this very first Library Week Challenge!

The Theme: Southern Cozy Mysteries With A Halloween Feel

I decided that since Halloween is only a couple weeks away, I should pick books that have a Halloween feel. I picked the first two books from the Southern Charms Cozy Mystery series by Bella Falls. I don’t know much about these books, but they drew my attention because Johanna Parker narrates this series and I just LOVE her. She has the perfect southern gal accent for southern books. Johanna Parker actually narrates one of my most favorite cozy reads, The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, so I am so excited to listen to these two cozy mysteries.

After skipping town and leaving her fiancé, Charli has returned home and immediately gets entwined in a murder mystery. This story is full of southern charm, sweet tea, and a town full of “paranormal citizens”. Will Charli save the town?

The town is once again in trouble and Charli sets out to save it. Lots more southern charm mixed in with a mysterious disappearance and sabotage. Can Charli once again save the town?

What will you be picking up from your local library next? Did you know that most library systems support digital items like Kindle books and Audiobooks by download using the Libby app?

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