Let’s Talk Bookish – Emergency Books

What makes a book an emergency book?

An emergency book, to me, is some kind of reading/listening material that will keep you entertained when you find yourself stuck somewhere for a period of time. It’s what you keep handy to pass the time.

Do you carry around an emergency book?

Unintentionally, I do carry around an entire library of emergency books via my phone, but if I were to lose or break my phone, I’d be out of luck 99% of the time. I do very occasionally plan to take a physical book with me, just in case there might be a waiting period (like when I go to get my oil changed, or go to an unexpected trip to the urgent care).

What are your go-to emergency books?

Since I have access to my whole Libby app/library check-outs, my Kindle Library, and my Audible Library all the time on my phone, I get to read whatever sounds good that day! When I take a physical book with me, it’s just whatever I happen to be reading at that moment.

Do you stick to having physical books on you, or do you prefer to read ebooks and audiobooks while out and about?

I prefer to leave my physical books at home where they are safe from the elements. I dislike it when my books get damaged from moisture, dirty from being set down outside, or dinged from being dropped while jostling items to and from the car. I almost always have my airpods with me so I can listen to something, and I always have a kindle book going.

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